KASEY ANDERSON – mouth, guitar

Kasey is allergic to peanuts.

In 1989, Kasey traded a Ken Griffey Jr. Upper Deck rookie card for a Jerome Walton Upper Deck rookie card. He has regretted that decision every day since.

Kasey has never seen Titanic; he reckons he never will.

ANDREW MCKEAG – guitar, mouth

Andrew has never spent a single dollar at Walmart, and never will.

Andrew’s junior high two-piece punk band was called The Reactors. They never played a show.

Andrew has started reading Isaac Asimov’s The Foundation Trilogy 34 times, but never finished it.


Eric has been to every state in the US except Hawaii and Florida.

Eric’s earliest childhood memory is of his dad’s reel to reel tape deck which he presently uses as an echo machine.

Eric’s favorite dessert is lefse.


Mike recently completed a Rubik’s cube in just 87 minutes, a new personal best.

Mike has never met a cheese he didn’t like

Mike is the originator of the term “Lunchables.