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If you decided to get a new rifle, you want to do a little research on one that is best suited for your needs. Type of rifle you select will depend on a number of factors such as your level of experience, range of shooting, type of game etc.

What is Most Important Thing to Look Out For?

Most important of all these is the type of game. It’s known as ‘backward induction’ wherein you choose your rifle, after first deciding what kind of result you want. How it works, for a specific game do you need a specific kind of cartridge, and for a specific kind of cartridge there are only a few rifles, which go along.

Knowing Your Options

So let us look at all the factors to look into one-by-one:-

    1. Cartridge or Ammunition

    Bullet is that part, which propels out, while the cartridge contains the gunpowder that ignites to propel your bullet. Why is cartridge important? This is because it varies according your type of game. How it works is, you want to choose ammunition that will cause quick death i.e. your game does not suffer for too long. However, you don’t want to use a bigger bullet for a smaller animal like, say a rabbit. Why? As you can probably imagine there will be no meat left!

    Generally, cartridges have two numbers written on them. First, these numbers defines their caliber (diameter of bullet) while second number could be for anything, from their date of manufacture to length of casing or the size of powder charge. A greater size of charge means, your bullet will travel as much farther and faster.

    Naturally, small caliber bullets are meant for hunting small game whereas for a medium to large game .25 to .45 caliber bullets are used. If you shoot at a longer range, you will have to change your cartridge of choice accordingly, for instance to a 0.22 long-range cartridge, or 0.22 magnum for even longer shots.

    Additionally, bullets are differentiated based on weight measured in grains. 1 ounce = 28.35 grams = 435.7 grains. While lighter bullets are more suited for quick nearby shots, heavier bullets are suitable for higher impact and shooting at longer distances.

    2. Single Shot or Repeater

    If you are a first timer trying his hand at rifling, it is suggested to go for Repeater Rifles. Basically it means, you don’t have to refill your cartridge every time you take a shot. For a professional, who’s been using Repeater rifles however, ‘Single Shot’ might be a refreshing difference. It helps you become more focused as you have only one chance of getting it right, your game would most probably run away by the time you fill in a new cartridge.

    There are different types of single shot rifles in the market today:-

      • Falling block action
      • Rolling block action
      • Trapdoor
      • Break open

    Basically there are different in modes of loading and unloading. Falling block action rifles are preferred by the most.

    There is a variety in multiple shot rifles as well. These are basically categorized, on basis of mechanism of ejecting a spend cartridge and loading a new cartridge. The first three require manual manipulation, automated needs no additional efforts at all.

      • Bolt action
      • Lever action
      • Pump action
      • Automatic

    3. Type of Material

    Usual choice is carbon steel or stainless steel. The difference is that the former is cheaper but can rust. Mostly everybody takes a break from rifling once in a while. You do not want your precious rile to rust in that time. Hence, stainless steel rifles may be a good investment, especially if you live in a rainy region.

    4. Weight

    Shooting a game often requires a lot of patience. It might become hard to stay patient if your gun is too heavy for you to wield. Try it out see if you can easily handle its weight.

    5. Length

    This is an important factor to consider. While it is important for you to be comfortable wielding it, longer shaft rifles are better suited for long-range shots. Smaller length guns are good for a quick nearby shot like a rabbit!

Lastly but most importantly, buy from a reputed dealer. A little research can go a long way in helping you make the best possible investment.

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