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Guns are interesting weapons to know about. Moreover, most countries give permission to most of the citizens to use one, for safety purposes. It must be noted that civilians are not allowed to keep any guns or rifles, unless they have license. After reading this article, you will get a detailed view about rifles and shotguns.

Here are Different Varieties of Guns:

Long guns

As the name suggests, you can understand from its name that the length of these guns are longer than any other guns. This is because they have longer barrels. They also contain a brace, so that you can easily fire with the help of your shoulders.

The length of the long guns varies from place to place, depending upon the law and order. The range is usually from 16 inches to 24 inches. These guns are not restricted because of the obvious reason that you cannot hide them, if you are carrying it.


Rifles are named according to the intersections in the barrel. The barrel has a bore, which is rifled. Rifled, here suggests, that there are grooves around the curve. It usually looks like a spring which holds the bullet in position, before it exits. The spin in the barrel compresses the bullet, at the time of aim.

Now, when you shoot, the rifles will most of the time give accurate results because of its highly improved technology of spinning. These days, even the short guns have spiral formation. However, because shotguns don’t have longer barrel, you may not get the desired results all the time.

There are number of varieties of rifles. You can get the harmless small 22s to BB rifles. Even snipers, ranging rifles, fully automatic assaults fall under the category of rifles. Most of these weapons are used in wars, but civilians can possess automatic rifles because of their smaller size.

Rifles used by civilians: semi automatic rifle

There are usually two types of rifles that can be used by common people namely, bolt action and semi automatic rifles. Semi automatic works just like the hand guns. After each trigger, the chamber refills itself with another bullet, for the next round of fire.
However, there are not many changes from the fully automatic in terms of look. Don’t think that because it is called semi-automatic, it is not dangerous. On mishandling, it is as dangerous as the fully automatic ones. The major difference between the two is the speed of firing and bolting.

Bolt-action rifle

Bolt action rifle can be operated manually. The bolt has to be operated by the shooter after every shot, for loading the bullets. Another manual type of gun is a lever action gun, but it is not used these days. The most used action rifle is Mosin-Nagant rifle. You will not notice much variants, but these bolt guns are mostly used for safety purposes.

Loading the rifle

Unlike other guns, most of the semi-automatic guns have magazines, mounted at the end of the gun, which you can detach. This means you don’t have to load it manually. In case of other variants you have to load it by hand after usage, by removing and adjusting the clip.

Mechanism of semi-automatic is very easy. You just have to pull the trigger and fire. In case of few models, there are some knobs, which you can adjust in few seconds. The updated model doesn’t have the racking side. The barrel adjusts it within the gun.

Firing from a rifle

The stock is mostly fixed inside the body. Semi automatic rifles works just like the semiautomatic short hand guns. You just have to aim it and pull the trigger.

After each fire, the barrel automatically gets filled up, until the storage capacity is fully exhausted. The casings of these guns are highly powerful and the bullet can travel a larger distance within a fraction of a second. After each round of fire, the shell of the guns will drop on ground.


When you are aiming for long distance shooting, you must go with these semi-automatic shotguns. For more accuracy, you can also add an optic. It is always advised to use guns only during emergency.

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